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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, and of course, RUM! I was lucky enough to visit Puerto Rico last Summer and I can’t wait to go back! Below are some of the #yummyeats I found while on my trip.


Habiechuelas @ El Yunque

Habichuelas rojas over a bed of rice. We had this meal after exploring El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s forest and the only tropical rain forest located in the United States.

This was such a simple meal but full of flavor, hands-down, my favorite meal in Puerto Rico.



blue burger
Burger on a Blue Bun @ Blue Burger Bar and Grill

Blue Burger Bar and Grill is located where a lot of the locals hang out. The concept is pretty neat, you get your burger on a colored burger bun, either red or blue. I should add, I wasn’t a vegetarian at this time.

The burger itself was pretty average, in my opinion. Not bad, but nothing out of this world.



creme brule
Creme Brûlée @ Morton’s Steakhouse

You can’t go wrong with creme brûlée!

This was my first time at a steakhouse and it was a very pleasant experience. My steak was cooked just how I like it, medium-well and the sides (asparagus and potatoes gratin) were a delicious paring.

Morton’s is a chain restaurant so you don’t have to travel to Puerto Rico to try it.



The Piña Colada is said to have originated in Pureto Rico. My girlfriends and I had to do extensive research to find the perfect piña colada in Puerto Rico, that meant, trying piña coladas in different parts of Puerto Rico! If you want the best piña colada, Barrachina is the place to go! Sweet with just enough rum to give it a kick but not lose the pineapple taste.

What’s better than mimosas and brunch with your girlfriends? All you can drink mimosas! And on top of that, 7 different flavors of mimosas! Yep, mimosas can be made with more than just orange juice. La Mala Vida is located in Old San Juan and they offer mimosas in 7 different natural juices: orange, grapefruit, tamarind, passion fruit, soursop, tropical, and coconut. TRY THEM ALL! My favorite was the tamarind, it was tart and sweet at the same time. We were told that this place gets very busy but lucky for us, we coincidentally met the owner at the airport while boarding our flight from NY to PR and he made reservations for us. I highly recommend making reservations if you can.

I’m typically not a big fan of guava or mojitos but together, they are #blakeapproved. I had a guava mojito at Piña Colada Club located in our resort. The mint and the guava and of course, the rum make an excellent team.

More rum and fruit together…I love drinking coconut water straight out of its shell, I hate canned coconut water, it just doesn’t taste the same! After exploring El Yunque, we paired or habichuelas with a fresh coconut with rum. This was so refreshing especially after exploring the humid rainforest.

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