Vegetarian Options at Your Favorite Food Chains

Being a vegetarian shouldn’t stop you from eating at your favorite restaurant or fast-food chain. Most restaurants offer vegetarian,vegan, and gluten-free menus and if you don’t see them, ASK!

Below are some of my favorite menu items.

I am not Vegan, these are my personal favorite vegetarian options. Items below may contain egg and dairy products and remember, just because its vegetarian, does not mean its healthy. 


  • vegan pizza crust (in fact, many pizza chains offer vegan pizza crust and sauce)
  • deep dish ravioli, no meat (original dish includes italian sausage and pepperoni)
  • honey sriracha brussel sprouts

Buffalo Wilds Wings

  • black-bean patty (order your favorite burger and ask to substitute the patty with a black-bean patty, it has a tiny bit of a spicy kick to it)


  • quesadilla explosion salad, no chicken (if you don’t want to eat cheese, don’t eat the quesadillas, the salad itself is delicious!)
  • veggie patty (order your favorite burger and ask to substitute the patty with a veggie patty)

El Pollo Loco 

  • mexican cobb salad, no chicken, no bacon bits (gluten free)
  • loco side salad with a side of black beans (no dressing, no tortilla strips = gluten free)
  • pretty much any salad with no chicken or bacon bits!

In n Out

  • grilled cheese

Lazy Dog

  • cajun fries
  • baby kale and hazelnut salad
  • togarashi edamame beans
  • spiral pasta and meat sauce (substitue the meat sauce for marinara sauce)
  • blackened chicken burrito bowl, no chicken

Panera Bread

  • cheese tortellini
  • mediterranean veggie sandwich (made with a jalapeño hummus, tastes like curry)
  • mediterranean quinoa salad with almonds
  • greek salad

Taco Bell

  • cheese quesadilla
  • bean and cheese burrito


  • hot and spicy edamame
  • gardein orange peel chicken
  • summer salad


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